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06 January 2008 @ 11:15 pm
One more dawn...one more day...ONE DAY MORE  
Oh Les Miserables...how I'm going to miss you. Again.

I was introduced to this show when I was very little...my dad had the CSR (Complete Symphonic Recording) and he played it ALL THE TIME. In the house, in the car, everywhere. And so I grew to learn the songs and to love them...especially Eponine. I think because my mom liked her songs and always played them when the cds were left in the car. So together, we would sing "A Heart Full Of Love", "On My Own", and "A Little Fall Of Rain". And as I grew up, I started appreciating these, especially OMO, in different ways. And like many people before they hadn't seen the show, thought Marius really was blind. Lol. For some reason, I remember I also thought "One Day More" was about Valjean sending Cosette away to school...hah.

I finally saw the show on New Year's Day in ....I think 2000. Maybe 2001. AMAZING cast of Jessica Snow Wilson as Eponine and Stephen Patterson as Marius...gah. Lovely lovely. I will never forget that day. It was the touring production in DC, and it was the only time I'd ever see the show. Sad, but true.

Oh, how I would have loved to see Lea Salonga in the show, as either Fantine or Eponine. She was amazing...I've heard audio of her in both roles.

But sadly, the curtain closes tonight...for the second time. Really, I find it stupid to close such a great show at all...but yanno, broadway's stupid like that. In any case...thank you for an amazing second run, Les Miserables. It was fun to follow all the new and the cast hype, and I hope for a second revival soon! I need to be in it, after all. ;)

My tribute to Les Miserables. (And yes, I know the audio syncs-out of the video in the middle, my stupid camera did that...)
Jisu: nayuki wistful peace offeringfriendshipbeam on January 7th, 2008 03:36 pm (UTC)
That is nothing short of awesome. ♥