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28 June 2007 @ 06:59 pm
English comments...  
Just some comments about my final paper and my English course from my teacher that I wanted to save, so decided to stick here. XD (My final paper was on a job that I wanted. Naturally, I wrote about Disney!)

About my final paper:
Utterly impressive! One of the best I've ever seen! You did an excellent job separating each section. Also, I love the pic at the beginning of you with each character. Your writing is lively and flows, making it interesting to read. In addition, you referred to a good number of sources in the "What I Found Out" section. It seems like you learned a lot from this. I hope it helps you in the future. Awesome work!

I'm thrilled that you learned more about your dream of being a Disney character and some of what is required to do this. You are such a detailed worker and responsible, kind person that I am sure you will be a success. I hope this class has helped you and that you go on to achieve your dreams.

About my writing through-out the course:
Excellent responses! You also provide thorough answers which make it easy to read and understand your thoughts. I just want to tell that it is a privilege to have you in my class. Your creativity, work, and dedication in the course make it a delight to teach you. :)

Sooo yay. :)

EDIT: I'm officially a senior. Yay. :D

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